I’ve been to two Commonwealth Games (Melbourne 2006 and Delhi 2010) with Team Wales so when I was asked to write 250 profiles for Welsh athletes, I jumped at the chance.

I was squirrelled away researching and writing for quite a few months but it was an absolute pleasure to find out more about the athletes and help bring those stories to life. Take Anna Hursey for example. The 11-year-old who hit the headlines right across the world when she was selected to play table tennis for Wales.

They flew home with 36 medals and in the knowledge that they had entered the history books as Wales’ most successful ever Commonwealth Games team. Good work!

Maybe you have a team flying out to a competition or maybe you have award nominees you need promoting? If you have any profiles or case studies to write and need an extra pair of hands, I would love to help.

You can view the profiles here.

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