Ros Dumlao, Editorial Coordinator at International Paralympic Committee

The promotion and reach of the 2018 Boccia World Championships was top-class, and Jane was a major force behind that. She was proactive and initiated the first contact with the IPC to see how we could work together to promote the competition.

With a sport not many outside the Paralympic Movement are familiar with, Jane had creative ideas both editorial, digital and event-wise. The build-up to the event was well-done, and communications deliverance during the competition was organised and professional with daily reviews, livestream and quality photos.

She was also readily available during the competition to answer any requests, and also stepped outside her job description to help in the publicity of the World Championships (e.g. gathering athlete quotes for feature stories).

Jane had covered all the bases with the World Championships, was on top of things, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Boccia UK Chair John Dowson

“Your contribution on PR both before and during the event was truly fantastic. Not only was that good for the Championships but this has really raised the level of engagement that the international federation will look to achieve in the future. Our GB athletes were universally appreciative of the profile raising that you led and they really enjoyed all the press, radio and TV interviews that they took part in. This has successfully raised the profile of the sport, now we need to maintain momentum.”

Hana Lewis, Film Hub Wales Strategic Manager

Jane was first recommended to us by a partner organisation. At that time, we were working on a national film season but didn’t have the time in-house to maximise the potential PR, something that we knew was essential in order to reach audiences.

Jane was a pleasure to work with, both professional and approachable. She understood the brief and helped us to secure a mixture of both national and regional coverage, not only working with us but with our members all across Wales.

As a testament to our relationship with Jane, we’ve gone on to work with her many times since this first project, from archive film screenings to World Alzheimer’s Month and we have new projects in development as we speak.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for PR and communications support.

Laura McAllister, Chair of Sport Wales

I have worked with Jane since I was appointed to the position of Chair of Sport Wales in 2010.

As a very busy Chair with an often demanding media and PR schedule, it’s absolutely imperative that one can rely on an efficient, experienced and skilful PR Manager.

Jane was just that. She is a dynamic and energetic operator with an extensive list of contacts. She delivers comprehensive media coverage communicating key messages, first class copywriting and can be relied upon to produce innovative and interactive social media campaigns. Moreover she is calm under pressure and this is an often under related skill in media and Comms.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

David Davies, one of Britain’s most successful swimmers

I was 16 where I was first introduced to the world of media. At 17 I was a full senior international and by 19 I won Olympic bronze. Given this rapid rise, I had to learn fast about life in the media and the press. I was very lucky to work with Jane from 16-27 when I retired.

She initially educated me on how to handle media and answer any difficult questions to knowing boundaries of an athlete journalist relationship. As demands became increasingly demanding for myself, Jane understood my swimming commitments as much as any swimming support staff I have worked with.

As a distance swimmer, I was swimming 70-80k every week. She knew where and when I trained, when I was training at high intense levels, when I was competing and when I was training abroad. She even knew my daily routines as I would always have a sleep in the day and would know not to contact me at this point.

I feel that throughout my swimming career my management of media was first class. I had great exposure without ever conflicting with my heavy training schedule and luckily achieved more success than I ever dreamt of.

The highlight working alongside Jane was at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games where she oversaw massive press interest from both Britain and Australia. However my preparation was completely uninterrupted and I won gold for Wales. She also managed the mixed zone for me which went extremely smoothly.

I enjoyed working with Jane and I always felt I could talk to her openly about issues and problems and she would help solve them or take the pressure off me. She was always extremely professional and reliable.

Brendan Gallagher, former Daily Telegraph Chief Rugby and Cycling writer, features writer and columnist

Over the years I have worked with many press officers and PR managers in a large number of sports and I wouldn’t hesitate to rank Jane among the best. In her role with Sport Wales, I found her exceptionally hard working and conscientious in providing assistance in terms of press support but much more than that I was hugely impressed with her empathy with and support of the athletes themselves. On all occasions she struck the perfect balance between serving the media and taking the stress out of any media opportunities or demands made of the competitor. That’s a very hard trick to pull off and she did it superbly.

She performed that role brilliantly at the 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games while I also remember  Jane being exceptional in her role with Ryder Cup when Wales hosted that great event a few years back. On one occasion I recall her hosting a very eclectic group of VVIPS , golfers and journalists at  a Ryder Cup Wales promotional lunch at the Welsh Open – a difficult gig under any circumstances but  a task which she carried out with great style and aplomb.

I would unhesitatingly, 100%, recommend Jane for any press or PR appointment you are considering her for.

Lynette Bowley, Senior Communications Officer at the Wales Office

Jane is creative, genuine and incredibly well-respected among her colleagues and her peers alike.

A professional to the core, she adopts a no-nonsense, logical approach to her work. She is a canny media relations operator and has a wealth of experience in working in challenging environments. Unflappable in a crisis, she can pinpoint the news value of a story, and can sensitively handle and respond to the most difficult of media enquiries.

From the reactive to the proactive, Jane’s insight, creative eye and impressive roster of contacts enable her to extend the reach of a communications campaign beyond the newspaper page or social media feeds. She has masterminded the messaging behind several campaigns that have gone on to yield tangible results amongst her audiences, and ultimately win industry recognition.

On a personal level, Jane is considerate, engaging and a trusted friend. On a professional level, she is an asset to any campaign and to any team – both as a leader and as a team member. I cannot speak highly enough of her as a friend and as a former colleague.

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